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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers on Free WordPRess Hosting

WordPress is the world’s largest content management system (CMS), powering about 32% of the internet. One of the reasons why it’s so popular is that it’s easy to pick up and to start using, but it’s also highly customizable. It takes only minutes to get started and you can teach yourself as you go along.

Because the CMS is open source, it means that anybody can develop third-party themes and plugins that add new functionality or allow you to further customise your WordPress site. Many of these addons are available for free, while others are available for a small fee. You can also develop your own additional functionality by modifying the WordPress source code. Don’t worry if you are new to WordPress, there are thousands of tutorials and guides online.

There are two different types of WordPress installation. WordPress.com installations are typically hosted by WordPress on a subdomain (i.e. www.yourdomainname.wordpress.com), while WordPress.org installations are typically hosted on the user’s own hosting on a domain name (i.e. www.yourdomainname.com).

WordPress.com installations have limited functionality, and while they’re ideal for bloggers and other amateur web admins, they’re generally not durable enough for business purposes. That’s why most choose to go with a WordPress.org installation.

The advantages of WordPress.org include:

  • You own the site and all of its data
  • It’s more customizable than WordPress.com
  • You’ll have greater access to the server it’s hosted on
  • You can install plugins and themes
  • You can monetize your site by running ads on it
  • You can integrate your WordPress site with other tools like ecommerce stores

Of course, if you want to use WordPress.org instead of WordPress.com then you’ll need a web host. That’s where we come in – but you’ve probably figured that bit out already.

Not at all! One of the best things about WordPress is that it’s designed to be as easy to use as possible. In fact, that’s the whole idea behind a content management system (CMS) – it’s to allow anyone within a company to be able to pick up the basics and to be able to upload new content to the website.

As well as being easy to install and set up regardless of whether you’re a newbie or not, it’s also easy to create new pages and new blog posts without any prior knowledge of coding or web design. WordPress comes with a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor, which makes it as easy to use as Microsoft Word or Google Docs, and there are also a number of other visual editors out there on the market that you can install as a third-party plugin.

Of course, it’s always an advantage to be able to code, especially if you want to build your own WordPress themes and plugins from scratch. But it’s far from a necessity, and it’s pretty likely that you’ll be able to find the look and functionality that you need using existing plugins.

As a rule, though, you’ll be able to do everything yourself with no knowledge of programming languages required, which is exactly why it’s used by so many people. You certainly won’t find another CMS that’s as powerful and versatile without compromising on its ease of use and user friendliness.

This depends on the provider, and at many web hosts you’ll find that it isn’t different at all.

But that’s not the case here at Site Hosting Club. In fact, we go out of our way to optimize our hosting packages for WordPress. We use a combination of software and hardware to make sure your WordPress site is easy to set up and easy to run while simultaneously offering the fastest speeds we can for your website visitors.

Better still, Site Hosting Club offers WordPress hosting for free, so you can try it out without locking yourself into an expensive contract. There are no ads for you to worry about and you can quickly get started with our 1-click WordPress installer. And if your WordPress site is currently hosted elsewhere, you can easily migrate it, too!

Site Hosting Club harnesses the power of HTTP/3 and Apache and complement it with custom-built, super efficient caching plugins that are specifically designed to make sure our WordPress hosting is faster than most paid hosts.

Of course, we do all of this as standard, which means that it’s ready to go as soon as you sign up with no action required on your end. You can leave the technical side of things to us!

Of course! Another benefit of WordPress is that it’s easy to import, export and migrate WordPress installations from one hosting to another. You will be able to migrate WordPress to Site Hosting Club by using simple migration plugin which is pre-installed on Site Hosting Club.

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Our Free WordPress Hosting is completely Free for anyone. It is easily scalable too. If you need more resources, we provide easy upgrades to our premium WordPress web hosting solutions. Basically you get lesser resources and lower uptime in Free WordPress Hosting solution by Site Hosting Club.

One of the best things about WordPress is that it can be used to power all kinds of websites. That’s because it provides you with a framework to build upon, and the vast variety of different themes on offer allow website owners to customise the look and feel of their site beyond belief.

At its most basic level, WordPress is a blogging platform, which is why it’s so popular amongst everyone from hobbyist bloggers to mainstream publishers who need a system that’s as easy to use as possible. Different users can be given different access levels, so even if you’re working with multiple contributors and editors and need things to be approved before they’re posted, you can manage the entire process from the WordPress admin panel.

But WordPress is so much more than just a platform for bloggers and publishers, and it makes a great content management system (CMS) for corporate websites and even eCommerce stores. If the functionality you need isn’t available within the basic WordPress framework, you’ll almost certainly be able to find a theme or a plugin that allows you to do it.

So coming back to your question about what kind of website you can create, the truth is that WordPress can be used as the backbone for pretty much anything!

Of course! The vast number of third-party themes and plugins are what makes WordPress such a powerful and versatile choice, and we believe that you should have the freedom to customize your site however you choose.

Because of that, Site Hosting Club allows you to install any third-party themes and plugins that you need. There are no special restrictions and almost all themes and plugins should work as intended on Site hosting Club free WordPress hosting.

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