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Top 6 Common Server Problems Which harm Your Website/Brand


If you are associated with online business platforms then you should consider the few points which can tightly secure your website from any server issues. Also, you are irritated from the too many back-end server issues like slow-loading pages to a whole website crash, current server problems can spell trouble for your brand. While you are facing some common server problems and your customer can’t receive your best services then they immediately shift to your competitor.  In this post, we will go to talk about the top 6 Common Server Problems Which Harm Your Website.

Your platform’s downtime is way too costly and it can even damage your brand’s reputation, it can also affect your working day of employees and overall productivity. If you require your organization to function smoothly then you should trust your web network provider at any time.

What is the need to know about the Top Common Server Problems Which Harm Your Website/Brand?

Common Server Problems

Going online has great potential in bringing the world around you together. It can indeed make the world comparatively a smaller, well-connected place. Everything that is ever needed is just at your fingertips. Thus, getting your business online, and conducting it through the internet is a great way of reaching out to the world at large scale. This is a full-proof way to make an impact on a large audience and thus make large numbers of amazing deals.

 However, going online comes with its share of online problems. A website’s problems run through servers and an outstanding server is not always a possibility. From the hardware assembly of a server crashing to various server problems on the inline website, there are a plethora of problems that can affect a website. If the server is not working properly then your page may load relatively slowly or may crash altogether. All these may lead to huge problems for your business as the audience you have worked so hard to build will quickly go to your competitor website problems that are quicker and do not fail them at the time of their need. It is crucial to keep your website up and running at all times, but you need to understand the basic web problems that can affect your website or brand from time to time. Here is a list of some of the Common Server Problems Which Affect Your Website.

Let’s talk about the Top 6 Common Server Problems Which harm Your Website or Brand

  1. The Vulnerability of Users through your website
  2. Server issue while handling a lot of traffic
  3. The Page Loading is Slow
  4. Failure of Hardware
  5. Failure of Software
  6. Downtime issues with Server

Let’s learn about them one by one.

The Vulnerability of Users Through Your Website

The internet era has brought with itself a plethora of advantages, but just like everything else it has its share of disadvantages too. Data is what is transpired from one device to the other for the proper functioning of various websites and this constitutes all kinds of web data. Personal information, details about a business, credit card details, etc. are just some of the types of data stored over various devices or networks. This can lead to some site problems.

Because of the vast amount of data, security is a major concern both for businesses and for individual users alike. When you are running a business you need to keep both your clients and your own company secure. Many kinds of viruses exist over the internet that extracts personal information to use it in some malicious manner. There are other viruses available that play its part on payment information or would simply disrupt the functioning of a company’s business. Protection against such forms of high-risk cyber-attacks needs to be looked after very seriously and one should always go for a managed host that can look for and identify such vulnerabilities at ease and prevent any problems with their server.

Buy a Dedicated Server With No Common Server Problems Which Affect Your Website.

Server Issue While Handling High Traffic Load

A website is meant to grow your business by the generation of leads. Leads will generate more traffic into your website. To put it simply, if the traffic on your website is increasing, then you are doing things right and more people are interested in the product or service you are offering. However, if the traffic on your website increases suddenly, which is very likely, it may lead to the malfunctioning of your website. Server issues at such a time will lead to the website not functioning well. The worst-case scenario is that the website problems may even crash under such sudden load. 

A managed hosting provider can be of great help at such scenes. If you are using a dedicated managed server, it knows how to handle increased traffic and the complications that come with it. The increased traffic to your website can be regular or may come up suddenly, but a dedicated managed server knows exactly how to deal with such sudden traffic. You can get rid of a lot of problems with the server when you are using a managed hosting provider.

The Page Loading is Slow

The worst thing that any user ever comes across over the internet is a page that will load very slowly. A slow-loading page is not liked by anyone at all as it is tiresome and frustrating and any user will stop attempting to load the slow page if they find a faster alternative for that.

It has also been observed that a customer gets much more demanding when they have faster website speeds and a better kind of access. Many things will lead to the slow loading of your website pages. Some web problems of a web-page that make it slow running are if the page has a video that is supposed to auto-play if it comprises a very complicated form, a load of traffic on the web-page at that time, and so on. No matter what the problem is, a slow loading page is supposed to affect your business or brand negatively in the long run. 

You can learn how to increase website page load speed and performance in 2020 here.

Failure of Hardware 

A failure in the hardware setup of your website is a problem with the server that can result in increased downtime for your website. Hardware failure issues are nearly unavoidable whenever you are dealing with computers and will affect you some time or the other. Natural calamities such as fires or floods or even a problem in the circuit can lead to a failure of the hardware you are using for your website. Once the hardware is done, your website will malfunction or crash. If you have a dedicated team of IT professionals round the clock, who knows what they are dealing with, they can keep track of the working of your website. This will ensure that they quickly notice when something starts going downhill and take appropriate and quick actions to prevent such failures of the hardware. Even if the hardware system fails, they will have the technical know-how to set it up as soon as possible. Regular backups of all your data go a long way in dealing with such issues as this prevents loss of data and easy setup of a failed internet system.

Failure of Software

The second pillar that your website stands upon is the software that you are running your website. Without a proper software system at your disposal, the hardware and all its resources are just useless. The software starts from the operating system that you are using and goes on to the smallest line of code required to maintain the security of your website. This constitutes the basic framework for the smooth running of your website and even the smallest computer server problems(one among the Common Server Problems Which Affect Your Website) are going to have a major impact on the website you are running. This is going to ultimately reflect on your business and profits. The worst thing that a faulty website can do is that it may lead to a loss of audience who will quickly shift to your competitor site which is working more in sync to their needs.

Downtime Issues With Server

Downtime refers to the time when due to computer server problems (one of the top 6 Common Server Problems Which harm Your Website) your website is completely down and is inaccessible by anyone from anywhere in the world. This corresponds to a total crash of your server due to hardware or software issues in the back-end. Physical calamities such as fires and floods can have an impact on the hardware setup of your server. Internet attacks such as a virus can affect the software applications that keep your server up and running. These will directly affect your website and will outright prevent its running. If you do not have properly backed up data, then the website may get out of service for quite some time.

Downtime can take a major toll on the efficacy and the profits of your website and should be avoided as much as it can be. Proper precautions will ensure that even if you face downtime, you can recover instantly from it. In most cases, these precautions will prevent any downtime issue to the best effect. Though it is true, those downtime issues are likely to arise sometime in the long run and only proper precautionary measures are the most that you can take to prevent such situations. At Site Hosting Club, we take care of downtime and eliminate anything that causes it.

Conclusion – Common Server Problems

All kinds of server issues that may be affecting your website may be a temporary or a long time problem. Careful scrutiny of the running of your website is essential to understand the various server problems that may be affecting your website. The server issues have a direct impact on the customer relations and if the customer is not satisfied with your services then they will shift to your competitor. These issues start from a slow loading page and go all the way to a page that crashes from time to time. Such issues can also be a major security concern issue and can attack the privacy of your business or your customers. It is imperative to look into, tackle, and get rid of such website problems if you want to maintain a healthy relationship with the customer.

The author

Prithwiraj Sinha

Prithwiraj Sinha

Founder and CEO @ Site Hosting Club
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