Are you one of those who do not have an online presence for their business? Have you ever wondered what can make your business popular easily without spending a lot on posters or Newspaper Advertising?  Do you want to know how the Internet can help increase popularity and sales by at least 300%? Then hold your breath as we are about to tell you about the top 10 reasons why having a website is important for your business in 2020.

The following are the top 10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website in 2020 :

Now that you know about the importance of a website for your business, let’s learn about them in details:

1) Tell your customers that you exist

The first thing you should work on is to inform your potential customers that you exist. A website can easily help you build an online presence. This is mandatory even for local businesses in upcoming years like 2020. Statistics show that 85% of the users search the web for local brands before buying. Your shop might not be open 24/7. But wouldn’t it be awesome for a user to look at the products available at your store anytime he wishes?

2) Increase your Reach

Imagine you own a restaurant and only people in your locality or town know about it. Yes, you might be earning well with your good quality food but what if you could increase your restaurant’s outreach about having quality dishes that would be loved by everyone? A website plays an important role in increasing your reach. In this case, your restaurant might gain an audience even from a nearby city. Selling physical goods have seen an increase in sales of about 400% after gaining an online presence.

3) Display your products

You can create catalogs, features, comparisons, and a lot more with your website. This decreases the hazards of explaining your products again and again via the traditional way. You can even make an eCommerce Website and start selling online.

4) Build Trust among people

People don’t just search the web for the available shops nearby. People follow ratings given by people who’ve experienced the services earlier. In a competitive approach, a good rated shop is always likely to get more visits than a normal shop. Having an online website increases reputation among people as well.

5) Inform them about all your trending products

A great thing about having a website is that you can easily edit the visible data. Say you are adding some new products and want your customers to know about it. You can easily put it up on your website and let people know of the new or trending products available. You can put up exclusive offers or even negotiate to have a deal. This works great on the customer perspective.

6) Instant Communication

People who find your shop solving their demands might want to talk to you before ordering or visiting. You can put your own contact info or have a chat with your customers if you add up these features on your website. This decreases bounce-backs and helps make potential conversions.

7) Cost Savings

Do you think getting a website is costly? Well not necessarily. You can grab a complete website at a cost less than your annual newspaper bill. Development in technology has made it possible even for people with no technical knowledge to build amazing websites or at least manage them with ease. A website is a lot cheaper than a newspaper advertisement of course.

8) Low Maintenance

A website needs very minor maintenance charges. It is absolutely necessary for maintenance to take place due to security reasons. Once a website is set up, it will be running usually, giving you space and time to work on the daily operations of your business.

9) Know who your customers are

People who visit your website or order a product might return if they are satisfied. In some cases, it is recommended to get a customer list and the website makes it extremely easy for you to keep track. The latest tools like Google Analytics can be used to easily track all your web traffic and engagements.

10) Customer Care and Feed Forwarding

If people are unsatisfied with your products, they aren’t likely to visit your store again but might end up asking for help through your website. You can provide active customer care support, take their feed-backs, and feed-forward them to have happy relations with your customers.


Overall, a website is really necessary to survive the tough competition in the market. With the effective use of SEO, you can easily get ahead of your competitors and continue having a healthy business. All these are the top 10 Reasons why you must have a website for your business in 2020.