Blogging has become the most popular nowadays. This is because everyone is stressing upon creating content. Every business looks for good content creators these days as they all know that content is and will remain the king for years. As I am seeing that many people are coming up with their own blogs, I thought of writing about Top 10 Blog Niche Ideas in 2020. Every year the trend keeps on changing. If you are planning to start a blog this year or if you are planning for starting a startup and allied blog, this article might be helpful for you as it will give you a great idea what is trending this year and next few years.

These years with the wave of digitization are just extreme and the people are embracing it happily. To give justice to the wave, many businesses and individuals have started off their own business/personal blogs to get more traffic towards the website and also keep the audience informed regarding various trends in the market of their products.

Here are Top 10 Blog Niche Ideas in 2020 :

1. Travel Blogs
2. Wedding Blogs
3. Product Reviews
4. Health and Fitness
5. Parenting Blog
6. Life Style
7. Home Decor
8. Food Blogs
9. Digital Marketing
10. Finance

Let’s not waste any more time and know about the top 10 Blog Niche Ideas in 2020 that will earn you money:

Travel Blogs :

travel blog

Traveling bug has always been there but the trend of penning down the traveling experience has picked up the pace in the year 2020. So if you are a hardcore traveler then you must start with your own travel blog. Once you are established blogger you can earn around $3000 to $5000 per month. To take the example, Johnny Ward of earns more than $30000 with his travel blog. So if you want to start off, this is the perfect time to do it. This is also ranked #1 in Top 10 Blog Niche Ideas in 2020.

Wedding Blogs :

wedding blogs

These days people are really looking for numerous unique wedding theme ideas. People want a royal wedding or a destination wedding, etc. So from where these ideas will come from? If you have certain ideas regarding weddings then you must write about it and help those who are in search of new ideas for their wedding. Everyone is now looking for uniqueness in their wedding. You can choose blog topics on wedding dresses, wedding decor, wedding centerpieces, hairstyles, bridesmaids to name a few. It is also one of the 10 best blog niche ideas.

Product reviews :

product reviews

People in recent days prefer to read reviews before buying any item weather online or offline, so this becomes a niche in itself. If you write blogs on product reviews then in return you are getting a good commission from that particular company if any purchase is made from your given link in the blog. This is nothing but the form of affiliate marketing. It is not necessary that you will have only good reviews about products. It may happen that if a product is genuinely not good then you will have to write a negative review as well, so that your credibility among readers is maintained. So this one is a good idea to start a niche blog this year.

Health and Fitness

health and fitness

This industry is gaining huge popularity as more and more number of people are turning towards the health programs these days. People have become health conscious because of the changing lifestyles, modern era. So they keep on searching for some tips to keep themselves fit and healthy. Topics like Homeopathic science, quit smoking, weight loss, weight gain, muscular body gain, diet control, healthy foods, mental health, exercise, fitness to name a few are a good choice to write a blog on. You can look for the keywords from the tools like Google Keyword Tool Planner and once you get the keywords, start writing the blog.

Parenting Blog :

parenting blog

Parenting is a profitable niche and one of the most popular blogs new bloggers can start with. Just think about it – there are entire stores dedicated to newborns babies and children. There are hundreds and thousands of products just for newly made parents too. This is a niche that is also universal as moms are everywhere! Carly of Mommy on Purpose is a famous blogger and also a stay at home mom who blogs about pregnancy tips and how to be a perfect mom. She quickly grew her blog to over 400k pageviews and was able to make $5,000 a month in less than a year!  Her main methods of monetisation are ads, affiliate marketing and products. You go mama!

Lifestyle :

lifestyle blog niche 2020

A lifestyle blog is also a popular blog with many different topics. These blogs usually target one type of demographic – new moms, college kids, pet lovers, old age etc. Some of the bloggers think you can’t generate an income with a multi-topic blog. The reasoning behind that is that a niche blog with one core theme speaks to one type of audience only. If you can speak ONLY to them, you can help them with their problems too (by promoting products and services to help them). But, you can make a lot of money with a lifestyle topic! Our example includes Ashli, one of the top bloggers in this niche. She is the owner of the Million Dollar Mama blogs about eight topics – from recipes to blogging to travel and more.

Home Decor :

home decor top blog niche 2020

Is your Pinterest feed filled with DIY projects or farmhouse decor? I love looking at pins for DIY projects to improve my home decor. It’s can be one of the best blogs on Pinterest – because it’s eye candy mamas! Christy from the Harper House is a mom to three kids and started her blog, The Harper House, as a way to make money (and to share her love of design too!). This is also one of the best blog niche ideas.

Food blogs :

food blog top niche 2020

This topic is never going to run out of fashion. Food is such a thing that everyone gets attracted towards it for sure. So if you are a good cook or have good knowledge of food. You can start a food blog of yours where you can give various recipes and also add videos if you want. Search for keywords that work best for your blog and write content accordingly on it. You can also run cost per click ads on search engines and earn a good amount of income with it.

Digital marketing :

digital marketing blog niche top 2020

This field itself is the booming one now days. If you are into digital marketing then you must start a blog on the topic. Many business owners/bloggers/website owners are in search of marketing tips, so if you think you can deliver them to the demands then why not to start right away? The digital marketing blogs are one of the best ways to earn you with the good amount of money through Google AdSense. There are many types of genres/categories that you can opt for writing blogs. And earn a huge amount of money through it. This is also one of the best blog niche ideas.

Finance :

finance blog top blog niche 2020

The blogs on finance topics like mutual funds, investment, personal finance are big hits for this coming year. This is because the people are always in need of financial advice while making any decision related to money. So writing blogs on finance can drive much more traffic towards your website. So if you are planning to run ads on the blogs, then you can search the cost per click (cpc) on keyword tools like Ubersuggest or Google Keyword Tool Planner. There you will find different costings for different keywords you want to use. So this way you can choose which keywords you want to write the blog on. The cost per click for the keyword “a mutual fund” is around $19, which is too high. So when someone clicks on the ad, you get around 60% of that cost.



There are many types of categories that you can opt out for writing blogs and earning money through it. And I have given you a pretty much idea on what niches should you pick up to write the blogs. The above-mentioned niches are definitely going to rock the  world of blogging in 2020. So if you are determined in starting your own blog then go for it right away and start earning money today! So I have described Top 10 Blog Niche Ideas in 2020.

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Are you a beginner? You might like to know how to start a blog in 2020.

So hope to see with you with your new blog in this new year.